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11 years ago

Transport mode in activity monitor for VADP

Is there a quick method we can use to see what transport mode a VADP backup is using without opening the job details? Like maybe a column in the activity monitor?

We have done the zoning so that the VADP jobs use san but also added nbd to the secondary transport mode, to reduce failures if a VM is moved to a different datastore that hasn't been zoned.


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  • Nothing easy in NetBackup I am afraid - there is a DataMovement column but i dont think that will show you.

    I believe that there are reports in OpsCenter that display this a little better but ither than that it os down to opening each job and checking the text

    You could run a bpdbjobs output and extract the details from there but it does create a LOT of output!

    Hope this helps

  • Yeah I suppose I can do a for loop in the trylog directory or do a bpdbjobs list all columns but it is fantastically tedious. Maybe I'll log a product enhancement request.