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4 years ago

Unable to add Remote Netbackup Server [ AIR Configuration ]


OS = Windows 2016

Netbackup = 8.1


Unable to add remote netbackup server


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  • Zahid_Haseeb 

    It seems you have missed some steps...

    • In Host Properties for the Master, Select Servers -> Additional Servers
      Add remote master server name
      Select Servers -> Trusted Master Servers
      Add remote master server name and credentials
    • Expand Media and Device Management > Credentials > Storage Server.
      Select the MSDP storage server.
      On the Edit menu, select Change.
      In the Change Storage Server dialog box, select the Replication tab.
      Click Add. The Add a Replication Target Across a Different NetBackup Domain dialog box appears.
      In the Target master server drop-down list, select Add a new trusted master server.
      Complete the fields, including dedupe user name and password. Click OK.

    NOW you can config SLPs...


    These were my notes for 8.0 AIR config. There may be additional steps for security certificates.
    Please read NBU docs.

  • You may also want to check out the Upgrade Guide: Specifically: "After you have upgraded servers and clients, you may need to perform additional tasks to complete the update of your NetBackup environment." ..... "Update the trust relationship between remote master servers for targeted auto image replication (AIR) After you upgrade both your source and your target master server, you must update the trust relationship. Run the command that is shown on both the source and the target master servers: nbseccmd -setuptrustedmaster -update More information is available. See the Veritas NetBackup Commands Reference Guide." Command should be run on both Masters involved.
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      Hi Zahid_Haseeb 

      Further to all the above, you will need to setup the trust relationships between the master servers (this is done when adding the trusted master server through the GUI as described by Marianne ).

      The second part is you will need to establish trust between the source storage server and the remote domain - this is decribed in the Dedup Guide in the section titled "About trusted master server for Auto Image Replication".

      Once all the trusts are established, then the dialog box you were stuck on should provide the target MSDP pool to replicate to. You will need to supply the remote storage server's password at that stage (it will determine the username automatically). 

      Good luck