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2 years ago

unable to browse VMs when creating a VMware backup policy

Hi guys,

in order to backup some VMs, i was unable to manually browse them when creating the policy. i recieve the error (-1)

Anyone can help please ?


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  • Have you registered the vcenter in Netbackup with a user that has adequate permissions? 

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      Thank you L_BR  for your quick answer

      Yes, i have registred the vCenter in Netbackup using a user with the following permissions

      Cryptographics Operations       
          Direct Access
          Encrypt New

          Allocate space    
          Browse datastore    
          Configure datastore    
          Low level file operations    
          Update virtual machine files    
          Update virtual machine metadata    

          Cancel task    
          Disable methods    
          Enable methods    
          Global tag    
          Log event    
          Manage custom attributes    
          Set custom attribute    

                  Advanced settings
                  Storage partition configuration

          Assign network    

          Assign vApp to resouce pool    
          Assign virtual machine to resource pool    

          Create task    
          Update task    

          Add virtual machine
          Assign resource pool
          Assign vApp
      Virtual Machine        
          Change Configuration     
                  Acquire Disk Lease
                  Add existing disk
                  Add new disk
                  Add or remove device
                  Change Settings
                  Change Swapfile placement
                  Change resource
                  Configure Raw device
                  Modify device settings
                  Remove disk
                  Set annotation
                  Toggle Disk Change Tracking

          Edit Inventory    
                  Create from existing
                  Create New

                  Power Off
                  Power On

                  Allow disk access
                  All read-only disk access
                  Allow virtual machine download

          Snapshot management
                  Create snapshot
                  Remove Snapshot
                  Revert to snapshot

      vSphere Tagging
          Assign or Unassign vSphere Tag        
      When using the NetBackup Plugin for vCenter the following privileges can be added:        
      NetBackup Recovery        
          Add or Remove NetBackup Servers    
          Virtual Machine Recovery    


       the following credentials are added:

      Virtual Machine        
          Guest Operations     
                  Guest operation queries
                  Guest operation modifications
                  Guest operation program execution

      Virtual Machine
          Change Configuration 
                  Remove disk

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      Hi L_BR 

      is there other permission to add in VMware to the user?

      thank you in advance

      (from " /usr/openv/netbackup/online_util/fi_cntl # " i can see all ESXis and VMs)


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      i am able now to browse VMs.

      i simply refreshed.

      but when i backup the VM

      i get the error

      ERR - Error opening the snapshot disks using given transport mode: san:hotadd:nbd:nbdssl Status 23


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        If using NBD transport method, then port 902 needs opening up between your ESX servers and your media servers

        If using SAN transport method, then the media servers need zoning in to the relevant LUNs/Datastores and visible on the OS