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9 years ago

Unable to restore files (ndmp) using Veritas netbackup 6.5

Hello Guys, I would like to ask assistance regarding the issue we encountered. Our restore jobs always fails. Unfortunately, Veritas netbackup 6.5 is already end of support from symantec. Please s...
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    9 years ago

    Hi, this issue has been resolved. 

    I am very much thankful to one symantec support engr for the continuous support even our nbu (6.5) is EOS.


    This was her findings:

     "we found that drive 5 [atp4nfs02P-drive] contains stuck tape P30749.

    Please make sure you remove the stuck tape and move it to appropriate slot.

    Also for testing purpose I had moved media P30068 to drive 3. Please move the tape back to the slot.

    Then stop and restart nbu services.

    Once done test a restore."

    After all, restore jobs were successful. Im just confused why error and logs are different from the real case. It should say there's a stucked tape. Anyway..thanks!!