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5 years ago

Unable to restore from S3 storage (Hitachi HCP)

hi guys,

I'm facing a big problem here, using an SLP I could duplicate backed up images from the normal media server to the cloud catalyst media server and finally to my S3 storage server (Hitachi Content Platform). Even the direct backup to S3 cloud works fine.

The problem is when I try to restore information from S3 storage, the BAR console is in "retrieving media server" and it doesn't do anything. There are no errors, it doesn't do anything.

Restores from normal media server works fine. My media servers are RHEL.

Could anyone help me? Please...





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  • AndresV what kind of information are you trying to restore?? Do you mean to say image details from BAR??

    Can you share the screenshot of the problem you are facing? 

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      I´ve done tests with files and exchange GRT the result is the same. 

  • Hello;

    I'm not sure it's possible to restore from S3 directly. What's the size of backup approximately.



  • You duplicated from the media to HCP, can you do the reverse(Duplicate from HCP to a Media Server)?

    Is the Catalyst on client's servers?

  • AndresV 

    Have you checked the HCL to see if Hitachi HCP is supported for GRT restore? 
    I cannot imagine that any S3 storage would be supported for GRT restore. 
    If the only remaining backup copy is on S3, you should first duplicate back to local storage. 

    Rather concentrate on testing with regular files.

    **** EDIT ****

    I have been trying to search manuals and Veritas site for a restore process flow when backup and duplication was done via MSDP -> CC -> Cloud storage.

    All I could find is workflow process for CC -> Cloud in NBU Dedupe Guide.

    If we think about this logically - it will be impossible to restore deduplicated data directly from S3 storage. There is no MSDP dedupe engine on the S3 storage that can rehidrate the data.
    So, my logic says that the restore would at a minimum need to retrieve the data back to CC, where data can be rehidrated and sent to the client.
    It might even be S3 -> CC -> MSDP -> client. 
    I honestly don't know.

    I hope that one of our Veritas experts will assist here with a restore process flow.