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13 years ago

unable to start "Symantec OpsCenter Database Server" service

Hi ,

OS: Windows 2008-R2

NBU version:

we have installed Opscentre in our master server , it was working fine but now we are facing issue with "Symantec OpsCenter Database Server" service is in starting mode its not getting started.

if any one has come accross this issue and know the resolution steps please let me know.






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  • First off all Symantec wouldn't recommand to install the OPS center on the NBU master server.So, please uninstall the OPS center from the Master server,as it will create unnecessary problems. So, to avoid this,  identify other server either Virtual or Physical which has access to the master server and then install the OPS center in it. 


  • Be sure to check the Windows Application Event Log for any messages that might indicate the problem. 

    I don't think there is any difference except in licensing to unlock certain features, but if you are using OpsCenter Analytics, look at upgrading to a higher 7.1.0.x version (or 7.5.0.x version) soon, there are a number of fixes for various issues in the 7.0 and 7.1 versions. We were using with two EEB's applied, and the system was the most stable we had seen.  OpsCenter can be a higher version number than NetBackup.

    And as has been suggested, I would recommend moving the OpsCenter installation to a separate VM or server, if at all possible. Move the installation first, then upgrade to the next version.

  • From Install_Path (/opscenter/server/bin) Execute below syntax

    opsadmin.bat stop

    From Services.msc Stop and Recycle Symantec_Private Branch Exchange Service (NBU Services has dependencies on this service, hence stop NBU services first)

    Check event viewer for any traces

    Once PBX is restarted. Start opsadmin start

    Now check during this what does it show in CMD and event viewer for database service


    Often Rebooting server solves this issue if any processes are in hung state