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7 years ago

Update bp.conf from masters server

I'm moving 800+ Clients over the next few weekends, I need a way to update the BP.conf file on the clients without actually logging in to any of them.  I've tried to use bpsetconfig -h server1  server = backupmaster1. but I get "can not find netbackup configuration" as an output.  Ironically bpgetconfig - M works fine, go figure.

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  • I got the first part now I can use bpsetconfig -h and set a server name. I now need to figure out a way to add multiple entries to a single host. Rather than having to hit enter after every entry.

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      If it is just about adding additional server entries or updating common parameters you can simply try going to host properties >> clients >> “select all the clients” and right click and select properties

      This should open up a window with the common properties and you can then add them as needed or change the logging level etc

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        I have found that selecting too many clients simultaneously in Host Properties will take an enourmous amount of time as NBU master needs to connect to each and every client.
        The times that i had to do this seemed that the time taken to connect to each client increased exponentially with each additional 10-20 selected.

        I had the best results selecting about 20 clients at a time.
        Yes... it takes a long time to update 800 clients through the GUI, but doable if you set a couple of hours aside.

        If you want to script bpsetconfig, here is a good example:

        As you have figured out, better to use -M <client-name>

        I am also not sure if it has changed in the meantime, but my experience with bpsetconfig is that defining a single SERVER parameter will replace all SERVER entries on the client. I had to add all possible SERVER entries. 
        (LOL! I used bpsetconfig to add a single media server, so, when bpsetconfig replaced server entries with the single name, I had to use that specific media server to update with all neccessary entries.)