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14 years ago

Upgrade msg:Mixed version server/client binaries on a single host are not supported.


I'm having difficulty upgrading the NetBackup client on an AIX (RS6000) 5.3 server running NetBackup-AIX5 5.1MP3 and NetBackup-OEBU-AIX5 5.1MP5 agents to 6.5.6. I'm pushing the upgrade from the NBU Master using update_clients and am receiving the follow message in the error log:

root@pdxbak01# cat /tmp/update_clients.03-25-0750.6763
        pdxus068 RS6000/AIX5 ...
Update of /tmp/bp_inst.6763/java/nbj.conf completed for client pdxus068
CLIENT_CMD_SOCK from bpcd = 4
CLIENT_STAT_SOCK from bpcd = 7
BPCD connected
Abandoning update of client pdxus068.
Mixed version server/client binaries on a single host are not supported.

I have tried a ForceInstall to no avail. As I'm new to NetBackup and have been successfully upgrading Solaris and AIX servers with not problenm unitl now, I look to you experienced folks to help me understand:

1. What the message is telling me.

2. How I can see this for myself (commands on either the master server or the client server) and

3. How to resolve the problem and get the server Netbackup agents successfully upgraded.

Your responses are greatly appreciated.


Jon L.

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  • It looks like NetBackup is complaining about the software it sees on the master server.  My guess is you've upgraded the master server from 5.whatever to 6.5.6 and left old clients around on the master server.  

    You can check by going to /usr/openv/netbackup/client/RS6000 on the master server.  You'll probably see several versions of AIX there.  When you define the client in NetBackup, change the OS type to AIX5.3 or whatever the newest version you have is.  Then NetBackup should use the correct package to update the client.

    If all else fails, you can manually copy the client software over yourself and install it locally. (Assuming you have root into the client box.)