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15 years ago

Upgrade to 6.5 and nbpushdata Sequence

Hi We are upgrading very shortly and although I've read the manuals several times it is still very vague about when to run nbpushdata exactly. It doesn't tell you when to populate the EMM from the media Servers side


John - 1 Master/Media Server/Glob Host  (To be upgraded)
Mary - 1 Media Server  (To be Upgraded)
James - 1 Media Server (To be Upgraded) 
Todd - 1 Media Server  (Remaining on 5.1 MP7)

After I have disabled the policies , cancelled all jobs, performed all backups etc 

a) Should I upgrade John then run nbpushdata -add on John then upgrade Mary & James and then run nbpushdata on them and finally run nbpushdata -modify.5x etc on John for Todd

or should I 

b) Upgrade John, Mary & James to 6.5 all at the same time then run nbpushdata on John, then Mary then James and finally nbpushdata -modify.5x etc on John for Todd

Just wanted to make sure I was doing it in the right sequence after all the cations i read in the manuals

Points will be awarded - thanks in advance

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  • When installing NetBackup 6.0 or higher, you specify the name of the EMM server, which by default is the master server.  The EMM database will usually reside on the master server.

    The media servers don't contain any databases, or catalogs.  They just control the storage unit assigned to it.

    I would do "A" if the master server is at 5.x.  If upgrading from 6.0 to 6.5, then no need to run the nbpushdata command.   But, please refer to the upgrade guide as your #1 reference.

    Upgrade the master server first to 6.5.  Update the master server and all features on the master server to 6.5.4 and then upgrade the media servers and clients to 6.5.4.

  •  Thanks for that

    We are upgrading direct from 5.1 MP6 to 6.5.4 

    So upgrading the master from 5.1 to 6.5.4 then nbpushdata -add on the master then upgrading the media servers from 5.1 to 6.5.4 then nbpushdata each of them is good ?

    Thanks for that bit of confidence boosting in my understanding 
  • I appologize.  I was referring to the Netbackup 6.0 media servers and later in regards to the catalog residing on them.  I'm not sure about 5.x media servers.

    From my understanding of the upgrade guide, upgrade the Master server, then the media servers and then run the nbpushdata -preview command to preview the output of the command before running it.

    The upgrade documentation is not that clear cut, so open up a Symantec case for more clarification.