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7 years ago

Upgrade to 8.1.1, WIndows client - token issues

Hi !

Our NB Master Server (AIX)  and Media Server (Windows) are upgraded to 8.1.1 without problem.

Now we want to upgrade som Windows Client from 7.7.3 to 8.1.1.  We have a silent installation with the silentclient.cmd file.  In this file, we set the CA_CERTIFICATE_FINGERPRINT and the AUTHORIZATION_TOKEN is set to "SKIP".

On the Master server, the "Security level for certificate deployment" is set to medium.

When we deployed the upgrade with the silentclient.cmd on Windows client, the upgrade terminate correctly but...On the NB console, the client name (host) does not appear in the "Host Management" windows.  The only way is to reissue a token and on the Windows client, I use the nbcertcmd -getCertificate command.  My question.. it is normal to have to do this ?  Our "Security level for certificate deployment" is set to medium.

Thanks for your help !

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  • If you were to do a non-silent client installation, you would see a message that skipping the authorization token will leave you unable to perform backups and restores. So yes, I think your experience is normal expected behavior.

    Medium security allows older clients to work with the master without authorization. Once the clients are at 8.1 or higher, they need to be authorized.



    On a totally non-related note - 
    Are you aware of the fact that Veritas is dropping support for AIX as master and/or media server?

    Extract from the latest OS Compatibility Guide:

    NetBackup 8.1.1 is the last release to support AIX as NetBackup Server platform. NetBackup Master And Media servers running on AIX.
    This does not apply to client support for AIX platform.

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      Thanks for your respond and yes we know that 8.1.1 is the latest version supporting AIX (Server). This summer, we will install on linux server.
  • There are 2 kinds of token can be create in Netbackup

    1> Install/New Token -> Which I think you are using to get the certificate from master

    2> Re-issue Token -> Which you said you are using but I don't think so, because as you said client was not present in "Host Mapping" section, thus you cannot create a re-issue token

    Now, about the situation: As the Netbackup install guide says, "AUTHORIZATION_TOKEN" is an optional entry. Since your security setting is "MEDIUM", I don't think you need any Authorization token, hence remove that line from silent install script and then try the install/upgrade.