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9 years ago

Use any available media server to transport data setting for MSDP

Hi all,

I'm configuring MSDP and so confuse about the storage unit setting "use any available media server to transport data".

As the step I configured MSDP storage server that asked me to select the additional MSDP deduplication load balancing server and then checked on the servers I want, but the later step to config storage unit and there was a setting to choose media server again "use any availble media server".


Is the setting "available media server" at Storage unit related to/or overwrite the setting that I configured MSDP load balancing server at the storage server setting?



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  • The setting is traditional used for PureDisk, or for other OST vendors like DataDomain where the storage server (dedupe appliance) is separate from the media server(s). With MSDP the media server is included on the same server as the storage server, they are one and there is no real option for some other media server to use the storafge unit. You can perform some type of "sharing" if you use the load balancing configuration but its not really the same as having the "use any availble media server" setting in conjunction with say DD.