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3 years ago

Using backup network for Exchange 2013


We have NetBackup 8.2 and we need to backup several DAG on Exchange 2013 

We'd like to use dedicated backup network. Exchange administrator says that it's not supported by Exchange to use other network than the one used by mail clients. 

Is it true? is there a way to assign a second interface to Exchange servers and make backups through that interface?

I've found this KB Best Practices for configuring NetBackup for Exchange over a backup network (

is it applicable for 2013?

Thank you

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  • Hello

    I would give it a try, as IMHO it should have worked for 2013. Unfortunately I can't share more tips as luckily we don't have Exchange in our shop - so I did never work with NBU agent for Exchange.

  • Hi AlexeyF 

    Yes, your exchange admin is right.

    Exchange 2013/2016 is difficult to backup via a separate backup interface, not something MS took into consideration, use the technote mentioned.

    Alternative, backup via the passive node in the cluster to limit impact.