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15 years ago

Using Flashbackup when backing up through Storage Lifecycle Policies with OST.

I have been using OST and Storage Lifecycle policies to do offsite backups with a DataDomain device and need to set one of my clients up to use flashbackup. 

Has anyone had any success with using Flashbackup with SLPs? 

I get an error when trying to setup the policy.
      There is no snapshot storage created in the current lifecycle policy that is used in the backup.

When I try to add a snapshot storage to a SLP I am unable to add the duplication steps to the SLP.


Thanks for any help that you can give me.

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  • I feel like there might have been some problems and/or Tech Alerts in this arena but I can't put my finger on it. 

    What version of NetBackup are you using?

    Is it 6.5.5?

    I bet it's not 6.5.5.  :)
  • Currently we are running 6.5.4 but this enviroment is scheduled to be updated to 6.5.5 on Tuesday of next week.
  • I think I was thinking of this one which (1) doesn't involve SLP and (2) was fixed in 6.5.4, so it doesn't apply to you.  Sorry about that.

    BUG REPORT: Restores of FlashBackup images written to an AdvancedDisk, SharedDisk, PureDisk or OpenStorage disk pool fail with status code 252 and status code 800 reported.