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7 years ago

Vault - Duplication

I have duplicated the data to disk as per the below but now want to duplicate that data to new library.

I have done the phase 1 and phase 2 import of the images and setup the vault duplication. I have setup the source to use the disk and destination to use 8 drives in the duplication tab of vault profie. But when the vault policy runs it tries to backup the data under 1 duplication job.

I have the retention of all these jobs on disk is 10 years. 

How can I run the duplication of disk data to tape to use 8 tape drives.




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  • Could you share your vault profile configuration settings, specifically the 'Duplication' tab? I'd be interested to see how you have the destination configured.

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      duplication tab setting below.

      source backup reside on disk is checked.

      Selected the primary check box, storage unit is tape with 8 drives( in the storage unit max concurrent drive is 8)

      write drives 8

      can NBU make multiple batches even the retention is same ? All the disk backups have same retention.

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        Take a look at this technote, those 8 write drives you have specified will only be used when the following is met.

        When running vault duplication jobs; the number of tapes/tape drives used for the duplications depend on the following criteria:
        1. The value (i.e. number of write drives) specified from the Duplication (tab) > Destination > Write drives:
        2. The number of DIFFERENT retention values of the original (primary) copies of the images 'Chosen' to be duplicated.
        3. The policy configuration (in this case, the use of a load-balanced Storage Unit Group as the 'Destination > Policy Storage' for all primary backups)