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19 years ago

vaulting without vault


we (will) have a fairly simple netbackup environment
one library, 60 slots, all with filled, daily tapes with 2 week retention, which will always remain in the library, 4 x weeklys, 12 monthlys etc, which will be loaded and then removed from the library once per week. Were using disk staging, so we cant setup daily/weekly/monthly media pools.
Im looking for an easy/automated way of determining which tapes were used for the weekly/monthly etc backups, perhaps sending an email to the operations team, advising which tapes were used...
which command lines should i start investigating?


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  • Try using bpimmedia with -d, -e and -rl parameters to specify the startdate, enddate and retention level respectively. The output would provide the media ID of the retention period you specify.
  • Hi,

    On my Sun master I'm running the following:

    cat ./files/clients.txt | while read a C d e r t y u i
    echo "Processing $C..."
    rm -f ./files/tmp/$C.raw ./files/tmp/$C.vols
    bpimagelist -l -hoursago 24 -client $C | grep "^FRAG" > ./files/tmp/$C.raw
    cat ./files/tmp/$C.raw | while read L
    V=`echo $L | cut -d" " -f9`
    echo $V >> ./files/tmp/$C.vols
    sort -u ./files/tmp/$C.vols -o ./files/tmp/$C.vols
    echo "$C is on `cat ./files/tmp/$C.vols | wc -l` media."
    cat ./files/tmp/*.vols > ./files/tmp/allvols
    sort -u ./files/tmp/allvols -o ./files/tmp/allvols
    echo "Total volumes: `cat ./files/tmp/allvols | wc -l`"
    echo "All done."

    The clients.txt contains the client list you are interested in.
    Hope this help.
  • Actually,
    You CAN use different pools for this. Just create your normal pools for Daily/weekly/monthly etc.
    Then create different Disk Staging Storage Units that stage to each of these pools individually.
    If you only have 1 disk to stage to, just create 3 folders d:\dailystage, d:\weeklystage, d:\monthlystage.
    That way, your operators can just look in each of these pools to know what to eject.