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VMware backup for SQL database 7.5.x

hi All,

I'd like to know if the VMware SQL backup (protect SQL server database with VMware backup, which is the new feature of netbackup is using the same backup process mechanism as traditional backup SQL agent installed on a SQL server to perform SQL database backup directly. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks!



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  • Microsoft SQL Server and VMware Virtual Infrastructure best pratices
    Page 5:
    You can also use VMware Consolidated Backup or the snapshot capabilities provided by your 
    storage vendor. When you understand the recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives 
    for your SQL Server databases, you can define which of the above options is appropriate for your 
    environment. ESX supports the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) framework, so you can use a 
    VSS-compliant solution to create application-consistent copies of data with any of these backup 
    So the sort answer is no - it VSS framework that ensure MS SQL is in a consistant state. VSS is also in use for Exchange and Shadow Copy Components backups.