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8 years ago

VMware Backup host tries to snapshot itself and fails to Status 156


I have created VMware VIP. Query as follows

vCenter Equals "Vcenter_name"

AND Cluster Contains "ESX Cluster name"

AND Powerstate Equals "Poweredon"


The query seems working fine. but when snapshot starts my vmware backup host (nbu appliance) tries to snapshot itself and fails to status 156. 

I know there would be a parent job associated to backup host, but i see an additional snapshot job showing client name as my "nbu appliance".

Anyone has seen this behaviour yet ?

Please advise.

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  • Hi

    If you test this query do you see this client name there too?

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      I am not sure what you ask for:

      - wanna get rid of nbu appliance in your VIP result lists? Simple use "DisplayName NQ" condition or something like that

      - wanna get rid of 156 error here? But I think backup of nbu virtual appliance is useless by VMware policy. nbu appliance does not have supprorted method for dedup services quiescing. "backup" its dedup data by backupid replication to another MSDP server



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        Michal_Mikulik1 quebek Ofcourse i do not want to snapshot/backup my vmware backup host. I do not see backup host is in include list but still it try to snapshot itself and then the snapshot job is failing to status 156. 

        Please help.