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4 years ago

VMware Restore not showing all folders after upgrade to


Recently upgraded to NetBackup Appliance Maintenance Release 1 (NetBackup

A VMware backup of our main file server is finishing with status code 0 and correct size however the number of files reported is only 215K as against the expected 15 Million

The Windows server has 2 disks and all folders on the C drive are visible but only some folders on the second drive, the main folder with 15 Million files is missing.



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  • DecKy is this a RDM setup?

    For VMware backup all the disks should be VMDK, if your VM is a RDM you will have to use NetBackup agent to backup all the drives on the VM.

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      Not RDM, both disks are VMDK and it has been working perfectly for many years before the upgrade

  • Hello

    Can you check if in VMware tab of this policy you do have checked "Enable file recovery from VM backup" under Optimizations?

    What is the client OS, its file systems types etc...

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      "Enable file recovery from VM backup" is enabled, it's a Windows Server using NTFS

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        Please check with client OS admins if they did not enable deduplication on this box. This is not supported...
  • Meant to say I have tried :-

    Forcing an Accelerator rescan

    Recreated the policy

    Disabled Accelerator and ran Full backup

    All give the same results

    This has been working perfectly for many years, the only change is the upgrade

  • This has been identified as a bug and I've received an EEB to test