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5 years ago

Vormetric and Netbackup

Hi, we are going through a POC using Vormetric Encryption and have just come across an issue which may or may not be related to Vormetric.


Our netbackup master is at 8.1.2 and the linux vm has virtual volumes and when we try a VM backup using NBD transport mode and Virtual machine quiesce Enabled the backup fails with156 - "error type: 237, error message: An error occurred while quiescing the virtual machine. See the virtual machine's event log for details" but if we set Virtual machine quiesce to Disabled the backup works.


Anybody seen this behaviour or have any other experience with Vormetric and Netbackup





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  • I don't believe this is related to your specific failure (although I could be wrong) since it's talking about quiescing, but since you asked for experiences with Vormetric & NBU....

    NetBackup does not have the ability to restore into Vormetric-encrypted locations - in my case, we ran into this doing test file restores into one of their encrypted folders (thankfully during a POC as well).

    Vormetric KB article # KB0019348 :
    Beginning with version 5.0.0 of the VTE agent (a.k.a. FS Agent), the agent, by default, returns that compression is not supported to applications which send the FSCTL_SET_COMPRESSION
    control code via the Windows API DeviceIoControl function. This is done to prevent compressed data from being written into guarded locations which can, in some instances, lead to data

    This has caused issues for some third party applications, as some applications perform a check to see whether compression is supported, even when compression is disabled in the
    application. As a solution to this, the behavior can be altered by making a change in the Windows registry. By doing so, when the compression check is performed by a third party application,
    a success status will be returned instead.

    Note: Altering this compression bit support will NOT cause corruption or allow compresssed date to be encrypted. Altering this bit will not change the way compressed data is handled within
    a guard point. The purpose of this bit is to alter the code returned when the check is performed. Compressed data written into a guarded directory will not be encrypted and will not be
    corrupted as a result of this registry change.
    Third-party applications that have been identified as having this issue thus far are:

    NetBackup™ for VMWare
    Backup Exec

    To edit the Windows registry to make the change you can use the following steps as an Administrator:
    1. From the "run" dialog, type "regedit" and hit <Enter>.
    2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\vmfiltr.
    3. In the pane on the right-hand side, right-click and choose New->DWORD (32-bit) Value.
    a. Name the new REG_DWORD key CompressionFailureCode.
    b. Double-click (or right-click and choose Modify).
    c. Set the Value data field to 1 and click OK.
    i. A value of 0 will mirror the default behavior, which is to return STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED.
    ii. A value of 1 will return STATUS_SUCCESS.
    iii. Reboot the system.

    Note: For applications that support compression, disable the compression setting in the application before altering the registry. The option location will vary by application. In addition, for
    any file system locations which have a guard point, you should not have NTFS compression enabled.

    Side note : When we ran into this earlier this year, I also noticed that per their support matrix Vormetric hadn't actually to recertified NBU with their product for the last 4 years. It's a good thing NetBackup hasn't changed at all during that period of time, right ? =)

    Veritas Support was not inclined to post a technote on this issue when I asked unfortunately.

  • Sounds like this is nothing to do with Vormetric.

    Sounds like a compatability issue.  Have you checked the NetBackup SCL as to whether the guest VM OS version and guest VM file-system types are supported for quiesced VM style backups?