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18 years ago

vote for new name for VAN

The VERITAS Architect Network, aka "VAN," is getting a facelift over the next few months and we need a new name. Help us decide. Please vote now!

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  • BSN

    Bob's Superier Noledge

    Beautiful old Bob


    need I say more?Message was edited by:
    Dennis Strom
  • The choices are limited to those listed below along with the current number of votes

    Symantec Technology Network (STN) 69
    Symantec Technology Community (STC) 38
    Symantec Tech Exchange (STE) 36
    Symantec IT Exchange (SITE) 54
    Total 197
  • Personally I like
    SAM Symantec Architecture Management
    However I guess I will vote for SITE
  • I think RTFM would be appropriate.

    Totally on

    or something like that....??
  • Amazing how they're actually getting responses now that the poll is actually working, eh?

    My vote was for STN, though it's too bad that there wasn't any community input on the list of candidates.

    Back in college we had an annual T-shirt design contest; the challenge was to design a shirt based on a slogan the University released. One year the slogan was "Learning for Life". The winning design had heavy prison overtones (a student studying in a prison cell basically). Highly amusing!