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13 years ago

We have nbu 7.1 in our environment.(linux)


We have nbu 7.1 in our environment.
When i run this commmand from master server,i get this.
sudo ./bptestbpcd -host xduhg
1 1 1 -> ->
Here what this 1 1 1 means?
and why its connecting to vnetd port?(13724)
it should have been connected to bpcd port on client.
what is

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  • Here is a Technote where you can read about the 111 (connect options);

    In Netbackup 7.1 port 1556 (PBX) is first used, if no response is received the older 13724 (vnetd) is used. If you expect port 1556 but see 13724 check local firewall settings on the master or client.

    Netbackup no longer use 13782 bpcd direct, is tunneled thru 1556 or 13724.

    what is It's the calling IP and port.The source port in random picket by the OS but the destination port but be defined (port 80, 1556, 13724 etc etc).

  • Netbackup will use 13724 insted of 1556.