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15 years ago

What are the most useful netbackup commands you use?

What are the most useful netbackup commands you use?

I often use the bpdown command before rebooting the netbackup server but wonder if there is anything useful I am missing out on.

I also dont have access to the remote management features.  Is this easy to setup?

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  • I always use bpps -x, that lets me know that all NBU processes have been successfully taken down.

    I've mentioned nbpemreq and several of its options: -predict, -suspend_scheduling and -resume_scheduling

    bperror is pretty useful

    tpconfig is always useful

    nbrbutil is another good one if you need to know what resources are currently being used by NBU
  • bpflist -d 1/1/1970 -client $client -backupid $bpid -rl 999 | grep my_files to quickly find if some files are in a backup.
  • I have made some scripts .. they are at the download session,

    there is one
    that show the total amount of backups police per police
    ther is another one that show the average elapsed time of all policies (usefule to plane the backup window)

    ther is another one I think thar Stuart Green make it, try to look for those scripts.

    edit them all U will be able of finding a lot of good commands there

    see ya

  • I've created functions for all the commands I use....

    Unix only................

    As example:
    terror () {
    tail -f /usr/openv/netbackup/db/error/daily_messages.log;}
    checktapedrives () {
    for td in `grep "^SERVER " /usr/openv/netbackup/bp.conf |awk '{print $3}'`
    echo "********* $td *********"
    vmoprcmd -h $td
    get_NBU_errors () {
    /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bperror -backstat -U|sed '1d'|awk '($1 > 1) {print $2, $5, $1}'|sort|uniq
    With this method you can not only run one command...  But many at one time..
    Joe Despres
  • Oh, I thought I have more skills, but you guys taught me a lot~~~

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    Yes, nbsu, the support utility.
    I class this as useful on two fronts:

    1) Documenting your environment
    2) The text files output, show netbackup commands that are a great way of learning how to get said output.

    Also if you are on UNIX remember to add the man pages for the commands to the MANPATH so you dont have to dig out your PDF's

    Lastly, and still a great easter egg are some undocumented switches that still exist using the -Q switch after a number of commands.