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16 years ago

What is a media server for?



I'm new to Netbackup.

1. What is a media server for?

2. What is the difference using a separate media server from a Master Server?

3. Should a robotic libray be connected to both servers? 

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  • Robotic library/tapes drivess can be attached to Master, Media servers depending on your backup strategy. But usually they are connected to Media servers. For example you can have multiple libraries managed by multiple media servers for those with really big sites. In addition some of them might not be in the same location as well connected via leased lines etc.


    Just a simple explanation : )

  • thanks Puff.


    What is the purpose of having  Media server when I have a master server?

  • You can just use a Master server as well. I have 2 Master Servers. A with 2 media servers and the other B is just standalone. Hence in my setup I have 3 different tape libraries. The reason because our backup needs increase tremendouly. My Master server B is just supporting a small number of clients and in a different VLAN.


    If you have a small site and your tape library can accomodate growth and be expanded somewhat, I think you just need 1 Master. But say your company merge with another or grow, then perhaps you need more tape drives hence you need to make use of additional media servers to support the growth etc.



  • I have one site that has a master/media - small site.


    My larger site has

    master/media  - big server to hadle all the input for the catalog images, and has enough horse power left over to also do some backups.

    1 additional media server because it is a large site - If I try to do ALL of my backups on my master/media I would bring it to a stand still.  So by having a second media server I can backup more servers faster and more at the same time then if I just had the one.

    1 SAN Media servers - these have lots of files (share drives)  by making them SAN Media servers and letting them attach to san attached drives in the library I can send all the data via the SAN instead of the LAN.


    So having a media server depends on - how many tape drives you have and how many can be attached to the master/media server before it becomes harmful to its health and the health of your backups.

    At that point you start adding media servers to off load some of the work.