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8 years ago

what "sa" privileges are required for another sql account


if i don't want to use the "sa" account, what privileges should be provided (official ones as per Veritas because our audit asking) when creating a sql user meant only for backing up sql databases?

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  • You must need to have "sysadmin and security " privileges for the account you create to backup SQL db's
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      but that is just like making an exact copy of the "sa" account. is there an official documentation from Veritas regarding this?

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        Hi Rino19ny,

        As per normal, this is documented in the "NetBackup for Microsoft SQL Server Administrator's Guide".  You have tagged your post as NetBackup 7.6, so I am guessing that is the version you are running.  The link for the manual is:

        Symantec NetBackup 7.6 for Microsoft SQL Server Administrator's Guide

        Refer to Section 3, in particular these two sub-sections:

        • About SQL Server security and NetBackup  (Page 25)
        • Configuring the NetBackup services for SQL Server backups and restores  (Page 26)

        If you are using or thinking of using VMware Intelligent Policies to backup SQL, then you should also refer to the NetBackup for VMware Administrator's Guide, but the link I've provided should give you all you need if it is a standard SQL backup.

        Hope this helps,