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8 years ago

when does a tape drive gets used?

NBU 7.7.3

so due to space issues still, the Oracle backup of last night i changed the SLP to do the backup directly to tape. works fine.

but when i'm monitoring the tape usage from the GUI console, i noticed that one of the tape drives is idle. backup is still going on though.

why does this tape drive remained idle for some hours and how does SLP decide/use when to use a tape drive?

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  • Do you have sufficient jobs being generated for 2 drives?

    What does STU config look like? (# drives and MPX setting)

    And Policy attributes and schedule? Does it generate multiple jobs?

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        This raises an issue where some planning on your part can really help - when you set up tape drives

        NetBackup will read them sequentially by default. ( you can set up storage groups to round robin, or prioritize, etc ), but within one storage unit, NetBackup reads them in sequence. 

        If you plan your interface/drive combo, you can name the drives so that as jobs run, the load is spread across the interfaces, whether FC or TCP/IP.

        For example, I have data domain drives, using two FC interfaces for one client - I named the first interface drives using even numbers, and the second with odd ones, so as netbackup selected drive20 it used one path, drive21 uses a different path, so on.


        Likely, this has nothing to do with your issue, but it is something to think about in designing your drive/names.