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8 years ago

where/how to find a reliable restore report/log?


i'm looking for a restore log that is readable or easily understood. i saw a thread where it says the log can be found in "C:\Program Files\VERITAS\NetBackup\logs\user_ops\username\logs" from where the BAR was ran. in my server where i did a test restore, that directory shows empty.

i also checked OpsCenter but the built-in reports shows confusing results like there would be a column for size (MB) which i supposed is the size of the file/s restores but the next column to it shows files as zero! why would the restore report show zero files restored when there is a size or vice versa?

i checked also the master/media server "/usr/openv/netbackup/logs/user_ops/" and the logs there are not easily understood.

is there any third party, commerical or free/share ware, that generates a good report that shows date and time, number of files restored, sizes, and percentage complete? i think that's the only thing that matters to auditors/management type people when they ask for a restore report.

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  • Have you tried :

    nbauditreport -ctgy JOB -fmt DETAIL 


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      Nicolai's suggestion looks good, I get output like:

      DESCRIPTION: Restore job '414' for client 'master01' to client 'master01.localdomain' was initiated
      USER: Administrator@master01
      TIMESTAMP: 12/22/16 08:02:48
      1 IMAGE_ID                       master01_1482393432
      2 RESTOREFILESLIST               /U/random/random1.bin
  • Hi,

    I dont think there are no third party tools available, OPS center though can you help you with some options

    when you trigger a restore job Netbackup asks you if you want to view details for the restore job you initiated, you can choose yes and it will take you to new tab(next tab where you started the restore) which gives you list of files, tapes being loaded number of files and data restored etc, at the end of the restore it also mentiones how many files were restored and if restore completed with status 0 etc.

    above details are the same as /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/user_ops

    if ur interested in just one job above should be helpful, but if you wante something in report format then you would need custom script.....

    can you list out all the details you want from restore job ? may be i can try to script something




  • I've been looking around in Opscenter Analytics to see if I can reproduce your situation with the built-in report for restores. 

    Indeed, some jobs show 0 as a value for restored files while the value for size is rather large and not 0. It seems however that this is only the case for those restores that failed with an error, where files or data have been read from the image by the mediaserver, but not been written to the filesystem.

    Other than this discrepancy, the actual values seem to be correct for those jobs that I could verify in the activity monitor, so I would assume that the built-in report does not discern between those restore jobs that succeeded or verified.

    To reply to your question whether there is any third party, I have to say that to my knowledge Opscenter is - out of the box - the most accurate and versatile option for netbackup.

  • I've been trying to think of ways to assist here. Only problem is that I do not have access to a master server to poke around...

    My knowledge of OpsCenter is less than basic - so, no idea if that can be used.

    Some of the thoughts that came to mind:

    Activity Monitor - filter for restores and export to .txt. Manual process on daily basis.
    All Log Entries - not sure if Restores can be filtered out. Still manual process.
    restore_notify script - this script goes on each media server and can be used to email you. The information produced seem very limited. Details in NBU Admin Guide II.


    If you are using the Java Admin Console, you are in effect logging onto the master server. 
    Logs are in /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/user_ops/username/logs on the master.
    These logs are only kept for 3 days.