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20 years ago

Which ports need to be opened for client and Master/Media

I currently a client that resides on a separate network and on other networks can communicate with it. The problem with this is that we can't back up this client. I've been working with our network security people to get the firewall rules changed. I need to know what other ports beside 13782 and 13720 that need to be opened in order for the master/media servers and the client to communicate with each other? At this time, I can't ping this client directly from the master/media servers.

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  • Hi,

    Take a look at this article.
    How to set up a client that is behind a firewall, filtering by destination port using VNETD

    it should help :)

  • Phong, were you able to backup after following Patrick's instructions? Are you still have problems being able to ping from the master to the client? My clients outside the firewall, I had to modify their host file so they could see the master server.
  • You better open the firewall for the Netbackup Ports and update the
    %system32/drivers/etc/hosts file with the IP and hostname mapping.
    Should help.