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11 years ago

Windows 2012 Server v7.5.0.6 Client install / (not 2003/2008)

Netbackup with Master Red Hat 5.9, Media Servers all -> Windows 2008 R2 64 bit also all v7.5.0.6

We are trying to install the NBU Client v7.5.0.6 onto a Windows 2012 Server using the Browser install for 7.5 and then the Setup for the patch.  We are unable to get past the first browser install.  We simply get "failed" then rollback.

We are looking for advice regarding this Client Installation.


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  • Thank you Mark.  Our McAfee Security won't let me download the file type from the link.  Is there an FTP site I can get the file from?  Site + FTP_ID and PW if so please.

  • There is file connect but probably the same download type from there, and being a patch it may not actually appear there

    Looks like a job from home later?