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11 years ago

Windows Script for Putting DB in Hot backup mode before backup

Hello Forum,

Need to backup a Windows Server 2008 having oracle db with netbackup client on 64bits, which needs to be put in Hotbackup Mode before the backup starts and end after backup ends...

Any automation possible for this. Currently we are doing this manually. I m aware of this thing in Solaris 10.


Thanks in Advance

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  • Dump the oracle database to disk using rman and run flat file backup of the dump files. 

    Supported by Oracle, require more disk space however.

    Do I need to say I strongly recommend the use of the Netbackup RMAN agent. If the Oracle data is important funds should be there to protect those data as well.

  • Hello Nicolai,


    Your right RMAN agent is the right option.

  • Hello Nagalla,

    I have used the bpstart and bpend script to execute the DB script and it is working.

  • Hello Marianne,

    Thanks for sharing link.

    It was really helpful.

    Just need to add the notification part like when it went into hotbackup mode and when it ended.