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NSS email Alerts!

One of the most commonly requested features for NSS is the ability to do email alerts and daily overview emails on health and consumed capacity.

As an itermin to adding this to core functionality in NSS we have created a couple of solutions (for >= NSS8.3) which will solve this issue.

  • NetBackup Self Service Traffic Light Notifications
  • NetBackup Self Service Contracted Space Notifications


NetBackup Self Service Traffic Light Notifications

A key feature of NetBackup Self Service (NSS) is its Traffic Lights which display the protection status of an asset and totals of asset statuses on the NSS dashboard.

Red assets (protected but no image within threshold) may need to be investigated by a NetBackup Administrator as it suggests a missed backup by the associated policy.

This solution will send an email notification with a summary of assets at each traffic light colour so a NetBackup Administrator can investigate without needing to log into NSS.

NetBackup Self Service Contracted Space Notification

In NetBackup Self Service (NSS), it is possible to set a ‘Contracted Space’ setting for each tenant. Populating the setting means NSS will then display the Tenant’s overall current usage as a percentage.

However, by design, the system will not stop Protect and Backup operations from being performed. For Tenants that are not actively seeing the dashboard every day, manual monitoring of the percentage value may not be appropriate.

This solution allows NSS to optionally send email notifications when one or more tenants is approaching or has exceeded their defined Contracted Space.

Example email sent to Tenant use

Example email sent to NSS administrator

If you would like more information on how to install these, then drop me a line (DM) or reply to this thread. 

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