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NSS known Issues

There are 3 known issues with NSS that some customers may need to address by changing config files on the master server. 

As these are configuration changes we would strongly recomend any changes are overseen by a qualified Veritas consultant, and are logged in the customers change control system. These are offered as examples and you should consider if any of these changes may impact your existing infrastucture, no warranty is given or implied and changes made impact future support.

Appliance returning a '12' exit error code

If finding that Appliance is consistently returning a “12” exit code for its errors, this may indicate an issue with the script on the appliance. 

ExitCode '12' Error message 'no entity was found '
ExitCode '12' Error message 'the specified policy does not exist in the configuration database (230) '


Navigate to the script:
ros5240-01:/opt/NBUAppliance/scripts # cat /etc/*release*
InstantAccessAllowed = True
nbapp-release = 3.1.2

ros5240-01:/opt/NBUAppliance # cd /
ros5240-01:/ # cd /opt/NBUAppliance
ros5240-01:/opt/NBUAppliance # cd scripts/
ros5240-01:/opt/NBUAppliance/scripts # cat

Find this snippet:

#Allow netbackup cli users, and admin with specific commands to have access for command line. All others not allowed

if _isnbcliuser() or _allowonlyspecificadmincmds(ssh_cmd):

p = subprocess.Popen(ssh_cmd, shell=True)

ret_code = p.wait()

if ret_code != 0:

_printtosyslog("[ERROR] Command failed for "+ getpass.getuser() +": "+ ssh_cmd +". Return code: "+ str(ret_code))


This line is the issue: "sys.exit(12)"

Changing to "sys.exit(ret_code)" allows NSS to continue properly


Appliance Welcome messages

We have seen instances where a CLI user running commands to an Appliance over SSH gets a ‘Welcome message’ prefixing the CLI results.  NSS is unable to interpret results that are prefixed in this way.

It tends to exhibit itself during connectivity check after registering the backup server when NSS is running the following command: 

sudo /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpgetconfig 'VERSIONINFO'


“Input string was not in a correct format”


Comment out the lines in which echo the welcome message:


#echo "**********************************************************************"

#echo "*** Welcome NetBackup CLI Administrator to the NetBackup Appliance ***"

#echo "**********************************************************************"



Solaris master servers

Solaris master servers do not use the same date function we expect on Unix masters.  This results in a failure of our connectivity check:

“Input string not in correct format”


The Solaris master server should be configured so it returns an UNC integer date value (seconds since 1970) when running the following command over SSH:

date +%s

The SSH bit is important as connecting directly to master may show correct return value when using command line. How the customer achieves this can be left to their Unix team as it may require installation of additional modules outside the scope of Veritas support.


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