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17 years ago

Stopped receiving email alerts

I initially got email alerts after every backup saying success or fail (and I got a lot of fails by the way, to do with open files). But now the email alerts have stopped coming through, any ideas why?

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  • Jimmy,

    We felt that the alerts (especially the "failed" ones you reference) were putting forth the wrong messages and were coming in too high a volume, so we "throttled" them back.

    Basically, with any file that we're unable to capture during regular continuous backup, we'll try throughout the day to capture through the use of a volume snapshot.  The failures in the alerts you were seeing weren't really "failures", but more like "something we'll retry to backup again later".

    Rather than continue to make you think backups were failing, we modified the alert rules to not be so verbose in those instances. Your backups should still be working fine, and you can verify by looking at your logs or at the files available for restore in the portal.

    We're also working on some UI improvements to provide better status around recently protected files, to further help with this situation.

    Thanks for continuing to use Online Backup, and let me know if you have any more questions!

    Richard Goodwin
    SPN Product Management