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7 years ago

Advanced Disk and Pure Disk Trending....

Does anybody have an opscenter report that tells you the following information based on master server and it's assigned media servers? Something like:


....media_server_1: Total Usable Capacity, Current Space Available, Number of stored images, Number of orphaned images, Space Difference from 7 Days ago

Toss in another 5 media servers under the same master.

Even more good info would be 

Total data deduped

Average dedupe rate

Total space saved via dedupe

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  • I don't think that the all the mentioned parameters can be put in a single report but you can generate multiple reports with different parameters. Also you need to do calculation manually. For example, You can use deduplication report to check the deduplicated data similarly other reports can be generate. 

    You can also generate custom report with the paramer you are required.