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11 years ago

Change time format in OpsCenter

Hi all!


Does anyone know if its possible to change time format from AM/PM to 24h format in OpsCenter? Its a bit of a struggle to have time in AM/PM when im building my reports and also the outcome in reports.

I have looked under settings/User Prefs./ but i cannot find any option there to change.




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  • OpsCenter fetch job information from NetBackup master server (bpdbjob). The NetBackup fromat is of 12 hrs if you check any job details in the java console. As OpsCenter copies from the NetBackup it keeps the same format while reporting. The default report will give only 12 hrs format.

    You should check the other options - Create New Report if you are using the default available reports.

    Export to excel and you may able to change the format 24hrs, an alternative workaround.