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11 years ago

Custom report needed - Daily success rate per data type

We have been using the daily success (stock) report but noticed it doesn't fit the needs -


Specifically, I'd like to break it up so it seperates PROD from Non-PROD servers in the daily stats.

All of the non-prod servers have a 't' in their hostname, so that should make it a simple


And then, would like to separate it further between APP, DATABASE and OS backups ...

Luckily, all application policies have the key word "APP" ... and databases have either SQL or ORACLE keywords in their policy.

Finally, the OS backups all have "_Server_" in their policy name.


The end-goal is to generate this for each day, going back for the last 30 days.

But I would appreciate some guidance on how this can be accomplished ... nested queries ? JOIN or UNION statements ?


Seems like I would have to build SQL queries to get each column data ... then generates percentage % columns for each ... and somehow combine into multiple columns and then 1 row per day.

Let me know your ideas and I'll share the solution for all to benefit ...


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