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8 years ago

"disk down" alerts not working

OpsCenter 8.0 with full license running on a Windows box (actually a Media Server of one of the Masters).

Two different Windows Masters with 7.7.3 (and OpsCenter Agent 7.7.3)

Multiple Media Servers, Appliances, and such

Recently we had some power problems at one of our satelite sites.  The NetBackup Master logs clearly show that it marked the Media Server's disk units down for several hours but the OpsCenter Alert never triggered.

Going back in the Master logs I see other bounces and such, also with no aparent notice by OpsCenter.

I have tried deleting the entire alert and creating a new one but that hasn't helped either.

I have a separate alert for "master went away" and that does trigger, even for simple reboots.  Other reports (including a weekly TB License Audit) are working just fine so I know that data collection is working....

While I'm glad that I wasn't paged in the middle of the night for something that I couldn't fix, it's also worrying that OpsCenter doesn't seem to be doing what I ask it to do...

Anyone else seen this?  Or is it "Talk to Support" time?


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