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13 years ago

Duplicate entries in a custom report


I created a customised report using OpsCenter Analytics for listing out the following: Host name, Policy Type, Schedule Name, Schedule/Level Type.

The report generates correct data but however contains lots of duplicate entries. I would like to get rid of the duplicate entries. Please help.

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  • Are you trying to report on the host names that were backed up (and are displayed in the activity monitor), or are you trying to report on information from the NBU policies?

    If you need info on the policy definitions, you would need to use the "bpplinfo" command from the NBU master, not OpsCenter.

    If you need the info from the activity monitor data, you would need to create a custom SQL statement to pull the info out and parse it as you want.  I don't think there is any way in the OpsCenter 7.1-7.5 versions to eliminate duplicate entries.