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13 years ago

How to create point in time status report on Opscenter

Hi All ,

Currently I'm still grappling with production overruns in my NBU environment. 

I was wondering if there is a way to customize a report (had tried various default reports which wasn't exactly what i'm looking for)

I'm trying to send a point in time status report at a specific time

eg 7am - to list down all active jobs and all jobs in queue on the master server.


Is there a way I can do this with NBU Opscenter?

I can create the necessary filter at the monitoring and it serves it well but I need the "view" to be emailed out to a bunch of stakeholders.

Would appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance :)


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  • I believe you are trying to set a filter for a Specific Environment / Master Server to be emailed out...

    Is this correct? 

    You can do this by setting the master filter on the report... 

    If you already have the report built, and need to restrict the report down to a particular master, you can add the filter within the Select Parameters section of the custom report.

    Edit the report, and locate the Select Parameters Screen.

    Set the View to ALL MASTER SERVERS, then select on the Master(s) required to appear on the report.



    If this is not what you are attempting, please provide more information on your reporting requirements.


  • Actually this sends the records of all the jobs .

    But what I intended was for the Ops Center to send me a snapshot of the "point-in-time" Active Jobs which are running.

    Essentially I'm trying to automate the job over run monitoring.

    Eg Backup Jobs are supposed to end at 5am . At 5am I would like to trigger an email to send and capture the active jobs which are still running at 5am that can't finish in time.


    Thanks ! :)


    Warmest Regards,


  • If you are running OpsCenter Analytics - you can try the following:


    1) Log into OpsCenter

    2) Click on Reports / Create New Report

    3) Select the 3rd option - Create a report using SQL query

    Enter the following: 

    SELECT * FROM domain_job WHERE state = 1

    click next,


    There are additional job state values - here are all of them... 

    id name
    -100 Uknown Job
    -4 Deleted
    -3 New
    -2 Corrupt
    -1 Undefined
    0 Queued
    1 Active
    2 Waiting for Retry
    3 Done
    4 Suspended
    5 Incomplete
    100 Cancelled
    102 On Hold
    106 Missed
  • Hello Tom,

    Could you please help in getting documentation of Opscenter DB Tables and there parameter's available. Would help in creating custom Scripts

    - Manish

  • MPV,

    I cannot provide a full list of tables and post them here... 

    However, I can state, create a custom report using SQL


    This will output all table information... save this report in your private reports section.

    Then export to CSV or PDF.

    Most tables will be self explanatory and some will not... 

    Focus on tables that begin with domain_  and lookup_

    I hope this helps...




  • Thanks Tom,

    Found what I was looking for. Also hunting for 7.1 Schemas.

    Will update once I found.

    - Manish

  • Yup that's what I can see and prepare in Ops Centre - but I would like to have that view to be sent out on email (because I don't really want to login everyday at 5am to view the console ... :)


    Thanks !

    Warmest Regards,