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8 years ago

Looking to report on Success Rate for weekend full backups

I've been playing around with Opscenter 7.7 to get a 1-line report per master server on the success rate. The problem I was having was that the backups span across midnight so I was getting 2 lines per NBU domain. I managed to get around that for the daily incremental reports by specifying a relative timeframe, then doing a "Time Frame Group by" = 2 days. However, when I apply the same logic for the weekend report, I'm not seeing all the jobs.

Relative Timeframe = Previous 66 hours (report runs on Monday mornings).
Groupby = 4 days (Friday night thru Monday morning).

I've also changed the "Duration" fields in the Success Rate section to 66 hours, and I'm not seeing all the weekend jobs.


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  • Please try Success Rate Reports => Advanced Success Rate. Play around the options you would like and choose the one which are required. In the result you will get the GRAND SUMMARY output, which should be your desired output.

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      I have tried different options for duration/timeframe/groupby, and I'm not seeing all the data.

      I put in a call to Veritas since on one particular environment, I know we had about 14,000 backup streams and OpsCenter's metric is around 1600 (and I did select to report on streams)

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        I guess opscenter will not help you.

        Better you filter report from the catalog backup with which you required time frame.

        once you collected put in the excel sheet in another sheet collect from  -->Summary of the policy--> All clients details 

        By using Vlookup you get the exact weekend full backup report.