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  • WR, 

    I have not seen selecting 1 user, and clicking delete, would remove all users.

    Were you logged in with the admin account? 

    Were you able to log out and back in with the admin account?

    What browser were you using at the time? (Yes, this could make a difference)

    If the accounts were truely removed, where you were not able to log back in, including the admin account. 

    The easiest solution would be to reinstall.

    I would be interested if you are able to reproduce this issue... perhaps in a VM or lab setting.

    With a VM your take snapshot, prior to deleting a user.



  • Yes, logged in with admin account


    logged out and could not log back in,

    Domain drop-down was empty -- no more "OpsCenterUsers(vx)"


    Internet Explorer browser, version 8 I believe


    will see if we can duplicate the problem

  • WR,

    If is does happen again, shutdown OpsCenter, and restart PBX and Symantec Authentication Services... 

    Then start OpsCenter again.

    The Database could have lost some sort of connection to VxAT.

    This would explain the domain unavailable in the drop down on the login page.



  • Hi,


    Got exactly the same problem with v., and with same symptoms.

    I'm currently reinstalling everything...more quicker than waiting for a solution for this strange behavior.