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12 years ago

Opscenter command line user recipient


i would like to know if it's posible to insert user recipient in command line ?


i'm in opscenter version


thank you for you help


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  • je dois envoyer un mail à une centaine de destinataires
    donc c'est pour cela que je dois les ajouter

  • sorry


    I need to send an email to a hundred recipients
    So that'is the reason


  • Can this be done with a distribution list? 

    or does an individual report need to go to each of the 100 users?


  • Hy, i know this document, so my problem is how to insert all the email addresses in OpsCenter in automatic.

    Sending the mail is not the problem

  • for Tom, it's not posible to use distribution list because we have 1 master server on different site, and the recipient is not the same

  • fdassonville,


    Ask your Exchange Server or Email Server team to Make a group with the hundered emails


    like example



  • Hi, it's not what i want, i would like to send 100 emails to 100 different recipients at different moment of the day

    because 1 contact corresponding at 1 master server, and the recipient is the local contact  for the server