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8 years ago

OpsCenter install 7.7.3 - Fatal Error During Installation

Being trying to install opscenter on a windows 2008r2 but it just passes a few install points and then it rollback the installation with fatal error. You can find the logs attached.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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  • Here's the actual chunk from that log that indicates the error:


    04-05-2017,09:08:33 : Initalizing the MSI cost.
    04-05-2017,09:08:33 : Initalizing the File cost.
    04-05-2017,09:08:33 : Resovling the source.
    04-05-2017,09:08:33 : Finalizing the cost.
    04-05-2017,09:08:48 : GetLastErrorStringEntering Function GetLastErrorString
    04-05-2017,09:08:48 : GetLastErrorStringExiting Function GetLastErrorString With return value Fatal error during installation. on Line No. 272
    04-05-2017,09:08:48 : Return value for the Install action is : 1603 Error String : Fatal error during installation.


    My guess is that one of these reasons are stopping your install:

    1) You are running the installer from the "splash" intro screen.  Instead, you need to browse down into the OpsCenter directory and rightclick on SETUP and Run As Admin

    2) The C:\Windows\Temp directory has a lot of crud in it from other installs.  DiskCleanup tends to ignore this directory so you occationally have to just browse to it, select all, delete, and hit SKIP for anything that the delete complains about.

    3) There isn't enough space on drive C: for the OpsCenter install including all of the databases.

    4) Your Anti-Virus is getting in the way.

    5) You have a corrupt copy or download of the OpsCenter ZIP contents.