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13 years ago

OpsCenter not working after master server migration

Hello, We have OpsCenter running and currently only connecting to our 1 master server that runs NBU 6.5.5. Last week, we did a server migration of the master server from old hardware to new hardware, and we just noticed that OpsCenter is no longer contacting the master server. We kept the server/computer name the same on the master server when we did the migration, so OpsCenter is still pointing to the correct name. But the last time that OpsCenter contacted the master server was the day of the server migration.

Does anyone know what's going on? When you add a server to OpsCenter, is the server's MAC address or IP address used when OpsCenter contacts the server for data collection, or is it supposed to use the computer name? If it's the MAC or IP, how do I fix this, delete the server from OpsCenter? If I delete the server, I'm going to lose all previous data that was collected.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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  • Hello Larry,

    first of all: OPScenter only need the computer name, not the IP and not the MAC address. I've migrated master to new hardware, changed IP address in my own envrionment. OPScenter works fine as long the name is the same.

    Please check the following:

    - Correct OPScenter server entry on the master?
    - PBX port (1556) open between master and OPScenter?
    - Master is still 6.5.5? Do you have an OPScenter agent installed on the master? Configuration correct?
    - Restart the OPScenter services!

    Hopefully that will help you.



  • Oh, sorry... of course just one point:

    - DNS correct?
    - Can the master ping IP and hostname of the OPScenter and can the OPScenter ping IP and hostname of the OPScenter?

  • Yep, I was missing the OpsCenter agent on the new server. With everything that was done during the migration, that was the last thing that needed to be done and was forgotten. I installed the agent on the master server. Now I'm just waiting to see if OpsCenter contacts the server and collects the data.


  • Hello Larry, does it work now? Otherwise check the agent configuration in OPScenter (Setting -> Configuration -> NetBackup -> "Edit") for correct version and install directories.

    Regards, Alex