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10 years ago

OPSCenter Report Issue: some clients show 0 data written

i'm posting here because i've a really strange issue with OPsCenter Version
when i execute a standard report ("Client Summary Dashboard" for example), it shows that 4 clients (out of more than 100) never had a kbyte backup, but have a 100% rate success (in a monthy interval, that means more than 25 successful jobs).
Obviously, from BAR or catalog interface, i can see that i have 25 valid images (each image is more than 2GB).
As i've said, i've this wrong report on 2 clients (part of a group of 4 clustered servers, that's to say all of these clients are equal, same SO, same NB agent version), while on the other 2 ones everything is ok.
can you please give me some hints to solve this issue?
thank you very much,

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