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  • In our environment, the DBAs are able to recover their own rman backups by using the Oracle NB GUI which is installed on their database servers.

    Same for the SQL Agent database backups on Windows, they use the client tool to see their backups and perform a restore - often from a production host to a non-prod host, for testing purposes.

  • At this time the OpsCenter Operational Restore GUI can only be used for flat files. The ability to restore a database is "future" functionality but I do not have a timeline. Thanks, dave
  • mkayki,

    OpsCenter is capable of performing Oracle Database Cloning...

    The use of the OpsCenter web-based user interface to guide a user through the Oracle cloning operation offers several benefits:
    ■ The process is more automated, making the operation easier to perform.
    ■ OpsCenter retrieves information for you such as databases and control files,
    shortening the Oracle clone setup time.
    ■ A validation process increases the rate of successfully completing the cloning
    ■ You do not need access to the original database to perform the cloning operation.
    pg. 534 - OpsCenter 7.6 Guide -
    pg. 561 - OpsCenter 7.5 Guide --- same url above...
    In addition, the following Technote may be of use... 
    About OpsCenter Guided Recovery
  • Tom is correct, however this is not Oracle "restore". This cloning process is for taking a full, backed up production database and making a copy of it on another system to use for development/testing or some other use. Also of note - this process requires a purchased OpsCenter Analytics key. It is not part of the "free" version of OpsCenter. If you try this process and the option is greyed out, it is because you do not have an OCA key installed. Thanks, dave