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9 years ago

Opscenter Tape drive utilization report version

Hello Good Day!

I am looking for a fix for the issue associated with runing opscenter template report "Tape Drive Utilization" . when i'm runing the report, getting no error but in the report out put showing no result. Utilization from SUN to MON for last 15 days it showing zero utilizatuion, it is strange because on a weekly basis our one FULL backup size is more than 600 TB which are writing by tape drives. 

NOTE: I have not applied any filters in the report.

Below is the out put. Please let me know if any one faced smae issue and you know the fix please share.. 

Legend: Idle, 1%-24%, 25%-49%, 50%-89%, >= 90%
Filters: Library = All, Media Server = All, Tape Drive = All , Disp = S (Shared) or D (Dedicated)
Aggregation Level:
Avg (%) Library Media Server Drive Name Disp Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
0% ALL DRIVES AVERAGE       0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%


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