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13 years ago

Staged disk jobs not reported with MediaID column selected

Hi all,

I have to generate a monthly backup job report that includes Job ID, Job Directory and MediaID (as well as some other info) but I am having an issue with the jobs that are staged to disk and then written to tape. Basically, I can create a report with all needed columns except the MediaID column and I see all the monthly jobs listed however when I add the MediaID column, I only see the jobs that wrote direct to tape and have and associated MediaID. Is it possible to generate a report with MediaID and only show the MediaID if it is present? So if the Media ID column were added, then all jobs should show and the MediaID column of the disk backups would just be blank.

I figure that it is probably possible with a SQL query but the problem I am not good with SQL query so that is really not an option.

Thanks for any assistance that can be provided.