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16 years ago

solaris & Veritas Volume Manager

Hi friends,

     I am preparing solaris & Veritas Volume Manager, I am attending interview, I am having some faqs plz give solutions.

1.How to root disk mirroring in VxVM?
2. How to root disk mirroring in svm?
3. If server hanged or slow how to rectify the problem?
4. What are the NIS mapsHow many maps in NIS?
5. How to find out server was crashe?
6. How do u know disk failed vxvm?
7. How to replace bad disk ?

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  • Hello...

    Very tedious to answer..... because these are all procedures.... & some of them lie outside Veritas...

    1. Refer vxvm admin guide..
    2. Refer solaris admin guide..
    3. Should start with running commands & see responses... check server performance stats with iostat/vmstat/netstat
    4. No Idea
    5. There should be a panic string in messages file.. If crash dump configured a crash dump should be available in /var/crash
    6. "vxdisk list" command will show if disk is failed...
    7. If you want to replace disk in Veritas (assuming hardware disk is replaced), use "vxdiskadm" menu, option 3 & 4

    Hope this helps..