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8 years ago

filesystem resizing when vcs SG also configured

Hi Team,


If I have to resize a vxfs filesystem and that filsytem's diskgroup is under control of vcs, so shall I switch the SG to service group to 2nd node or I can perform the resizing even if it under control of vcs.

please help to understand this..


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      ok,Thanks.. Rajendra..

      I got to know here through this link that above vcs 3.5 we can be able to resize the filesystem through vxresize.

  • The CFS is designed with master/slave architecture. Though any node can initiate an operation to create, delete, or resize data, the master node carries out the actual operation. CFS caches on buscado seo the metadata in memory, typically in the memory buffer cache or the vnode cache. A distributed locking mechanism, called GLM, is used for metadata and cache coherency among the multiple nodes. 

    The examples here are :

    1. Based on VCS 5.x but should also work on 4.x
    2. A new 4 node cluster with no resources defined.
    3. Diskgroups and volumes will be created and shared across all nodes.


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