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11 years ago

Migration to Veritas 6


We are heading for a hardware migration and an oracle 11G upgrade next year. I am putting up a migration plan and thought I'll get some inputs from the experts here. Here is the present environment.

OS: Solaris 10

DB: Oracle 10g

Filesystem: Veritas 5.0 (VxFS)

The new hardware will be installed with Solaris 11 and the filesystems mounted using VxFS 6.0. Now, as the present filesystems are on VxFS 5.0, would there be anything that I need to watch out for during the Oracle 11g upgrade with respect to the VxFS version change?

1. The new box is setup with Solaris 11 and VxFS 6.0

2. The necessary filesystems are created in the new box for the oracle DB

3. Mount the VxFS5.0 filesystem to the new box

4. Upgrade to Oracle 11 G  -- Would there be any issues in this part due to the difference in the VxFS version?



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  • Hi,

    The first major point I see here is, SF 6.0 (which contains vxfs 6.0) doesn't have solaris 11 in supported list

    Above are release notes for SF 6.0

    If you look at SF 6.1 release notes, Sol 11 is supported (Refer Symantec Storage Foundation Release Notes) on below link


    Are you sure its gonna be 6.0 ?



  • Did check the compatibility of VxFS versions, 5.0 should have FS version 7 while 6.0 has version 9 & 6.1 has version 10.

    6.1 has FS version 10 which has backward compatibility of version 7 however would recommend to upgrade vxfs version to latest version using "vxupgrade" command

    Also, are you using Oracle DB on VxFS directly, do you have VxVM or SFRAC suite installed ?



  • Solaris 11 is supported from 6.0.1 onwards.

    The filesystem layout in 5.0 was version 7 (and version 8 in 5.1 and version 6 in 4.1)) and version 7 can be mounted in 6.0 and 6.1 - see extract from SF Admin guide (identical text for 6.0 and 6.1):

    Currently, only the Version 7, 8, 9, and 10 disk layouts can be created and mounted.
    The Version 6 disk layout can be mounted, but only for upgrading to a supported

    At some point (usually a week or so after running at new version, when you are no longer likely to back out) you should upgrade the filesystem to latest version (version 9 for 6.0) by using vxupgrade.


  • Hi Mike and G,

    Thanks for your response. Yes, we intend to upgrade to VxFS 6.0 .



    We have VxVM installed in the system. I would imagine that the VxFS version difference between the source and the target would not have any impact on the Oracle 10g to 11g upgrade. Thanks for your time!!



  • Hi,

    Ideally shouldn't have, only consideration I would think of is versions which we have answered above. We would recommend to upgrade the VxFS layout using "vxupgrade" as mentioned above to be on latest FS level.



  • See 5.1 and 6.0 release notes for Veritas Oracle features that are no longer supported to check you are not using any of them:

    5.1 Release notes:

    When upgrading from 4.x or 5.0 SF for ORACLE (HA)/SFRAC to 5.1 SF
    (HA)/SFRAC, the following SFDB features will no longer be supported:
    ■ Oramap ( libvxoramap ) and storage mapping commands ( dbed_analyzer ,
    vxstorage_stats )
    ■ DBED providers ( DBEDAgent ), Java GUI, and dbed_dbprocli . The DBED
    Oracle GUI features can only be done through command lines. Database
    cloning, database flashsnap and DBDST scheduling features will not be
    supported through the GUI. You can use Veritas Storage Foundation
    Manager 2.1 that is a separate product, to display Oracle database
    information such as tablespaces, database to lun mapping, and tablespace
    to lun mapping.
    ■ dbdst_makelbfs , vxdbts_fstatsummary , dbdst_fiostat_collector ,
    ■ dbed_saveconfig , dbed_checkconfig
    ■ dbed_ckptplan , dbed_ckptpolicy
    ■ qio_convertdbfiles -f option that is used to check for file fragmentation
    ■ dbed_scheduler
    ■ The sfua_db_config functionality has changed in 5.1. This command is
    no longer needed to create a SFDB repository. You can issue dbed_update
    to create a new SQLite SFDB repository. The sfua_db_config will be used
    to set user and group access to various SFDB directories instead.
    ■ The sfua_rept_adm command was used in 5.0 to perform repository backup
    and restore. This command will be obsolete in 5.1. The sfua_rept_util
    command can be used instead to perform SQLite repository backup and


    6.0 release notes:

    Veritas Storage Foundation for Databases (SFDB) tools features which
    are no longer supported

    The following Storage Foundation for Databases (SFDB) tools features are not
    supported in this release:
    ■ FlashSnap reverse resync
    ■ Checkpoint policy and Checkpoint quotas
    ■ Interactive modes in clone and rollback